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Dental Emergencies

Dental accidents can happen at any point, and at Safari Family Dental, we know how to handle a dental emergency for you and your children’s permanent teeth. For all dental emergencies, it’s essential to take your child to the dentist or emergency room as soon as possible, as ignoring necessary treatment may result in future emergencies that include infection, pain, and even tooth loss.
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Information about Dental Emergency Treatments:

Our recommended courses for treatment can help your family resolve dental pain and help prevent future issues from occurring and help give your family healthy smiles.

Our Confidence During Emergency Treatment

Many dental emergencies can be distressing, painful, and quite terrifying to handle. For parents, we highly encourage having a plan for emergencies to be ready for successful treatment at our office. Our practice treats a variety of dental emergencies, and below we’ll outline our treatment plan to help your family recover and receive valuable treatment that can save your oral health:

  • Toothaches: Dental pain can prevent sleep, concentration and can even prevent simple day-to-day activities. Our treatment process for dental pain starts with a regiment of antibiotics that can reduce dental pain and provide significant relief. At the same time, toothaches are common in children of all ages; pain that persists more than a day should contact our office to receive dental treatment so we can assess the tooth pain’s source.
  • Tooth displacement: If a tooth has been knocked out, saving and reimplanting the tooth is vital to saving the child’s dental health. The reimplantation procedure will help the tooth heal back into the socket and save the tooth. If your child’s tooth has been lodged out of the gum socket, here are some important steps to follow before visiting our office:
    • Recover the tooth by handling it at the crown
    • Gently rinse off dirt and debris in water
    • For younger children, do not insert the tooth due to the risk of swallowing. Place the tooth in warm milk or saliva to protect it.
    • Make sure to keep the tooth wet during transportation.
    • Tooth reimplantation is only used for permanent teeth, so primary teeth that have been knocked out do not need to be reimplanted.
  • Dental Infections: Tooth abscesses are painful infections that occur at the root of a tooth or between the gum and tooth, commonly caused by severe tooth decay. These infections can be caused by dental trauma or gum disease. For treatment, our dentists will either drain the abscess of its infection or prescribe an antibiotic regimen to remove the infection. If the cause of the abscess is severe tooth decay, we may request a follow-up appointment for a complete root canal or other dental treatment.

How Safari Family Dental Can Help

Our practice in Houston, TX will also provide your family with an emergency exam to focus on the problem area. During the exam, our dentists will perform digital x-rays of the area and address the issue and recommend further treatment if necessary. Depending on the type of issue, we aim to provide same-day treatment for emergencies and prescribe antibiotics to address infections. If you visit our office for a dental emergency, you should schedule visits for regular checkups and cleanings to help keep your whole family smiling once again.

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