About Us

Families in the Houston, TX area seek out Safari Family Dental & Orthodontics when looking for dental care from professionals known for their commitment to excellence. Our team's family-focused care ensures that patients of all ages will be received with compassion and patience. It's these qualities that help form the foundation of relationships with patients that can last for generations.
Our clinic also strives to stay abreast of the latest advances in dental technology. Our team regularly participates in continuing education opportunities to learn the latest treatment options, materials, and modalities. As a result, their care will be performed using advanced dental techniques to ensure that their treatments go smoothly with quicker recovery times.

Our Clinic Is Family Friendly For a Relaxed and Comfortable Visit

A welcoming environment is central to the unique Safari experience that our patients have during dental care. In addition to receiving top-notch service provided by our experienced and professional staff, we offer:
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Our Commitment

These elements form the foundation of our office's commitment to a comfortable and beneficial experience for every member of your family. A visit to our clinic is like a visit to your dental home away from home, and our dental team always looks forward to seeing members of our dental patient family.

A Great Experience For The Whole Family

As a clinic staffed by experienced professionals, we provide a number of advantages over our competitors. Our office is prepared to use the latest innovations in dental technology, including 3D X-ray imaging machines and portable intraoral x-rays that provide a more comfortable experience and more accurate results. Using the latest dental techniques provides superior results delivered in shorter office visits and followed by superior recovery rates. Staying abreast of the latest technologies ensures that we can provide you with exceptional care in a comfortable environment.

Services That Accommodate Our Patient's Needs

Those who receive care at Safari Family Dental & Orthodontics are more than just patients; they're partners in the care they receive. Our staff can communicate in both Spanish and English, a fact that is key to providing strong communication to members of the Houston, TX community. The ability to communicate clearly with your dental health providers is essential to improving your overall oral health and receiving the best possible care. Whether you're coming in for a regular dental check-up or need emergency dental care, Safari Family Dental & Orthodontics is ready to welcome you to our clinic.