General Dentistry

The Safari Family Dental team is devoted to delivering dental care with the same care and thoughtfulness that you give your family. Throughout Houston, TX, patients of every age and families of every size know they can count on Safari Family Dental for their care. At our offices, you’ll receive care from a team of dental health experts that strive to remain up to scratch with the latest techniques and technologies. By doing so, they’re able to protect your family’s dental health and promote it throughout a lifetime.

Smile Service Solutions Available From Safari Family Dental

We provide a suite of standard oral health services that are aimed at promoting good oral health and ensuring that you spend a life with a beautiful smile. Each of the following services is part of our offerings as a family and general dentistry provider.

  • Preventive Services – Taking steps to prevent oral decay is the best way to ensure that you don’t have to get expensive treatments later down the road. Regular cleanings, sealants, mouth guards, and regular monitoring of your oral health all ensure that your teeth stay looking great.
  • Restorative Services – When restoration of your teeth is necessary due to uncontrolled decay, medical concerns, or trauma Safari Family Dental is there for you. We can repair damaged teeth, replace those that have been lost, and take other steps to reconstruct your beautiful smile. Emergency dental services are part of our clinic’s offerings, as well as dentures, bridgework, crowns, fillings, and implants.
  • Cosmetic ProceduresAt Safari Family Dental, we’re here to give you your best smile, and sometimes our smiles need a little help. By offering cosmetic dentistry services, we’re ensuring that it’s possible for everyone to achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of. Bring your hopes and concerns to our team, and they’ll build a plan to bring your vision to life!
  • Overall Health Concerns – One aspect of oral health care that’s often poorly understood by our patients is how good oral health care can protect our whole body. Oral health concerns can reveal things happening elsewhere in the body, as well as be the cause of greater problems down the line. We address dental concerns with those experiencing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, and more.

Each visit to our offices involves a complete consultation on the treatment you’re about to undergo, as well as discussing the purposes of that treatment. We believe educating our patients is an essential part of the services we provide, so come with your questions in mind!

Stop By Our Offices in Houston, TX Today!

Twice yearly visits to your dental professional are vital elements of maintaining lasting oral health. Each visit will involve a thorough cleaning, oral exam, and consultation on your oral health and the options that can be selected by you through our office. We look forward to seeing you and your family and serving them for years to come.