How To Change Your Oral Routine For The Environment

Plastic is everywhere. It’s even present in our oral routine because the brushes and toothpaste we use each day are made with plastics. However, there are nasty side effects that come with plastics, especially on our environment. Becoming more environmentally conscious about our actions and products often involves looking at what we use each day to care for our health. For your teeth and gums, that also means looking at the products you use and how those can impact your environment.

If you as parents are looking for better ways to make your child’s oral care more sustainable or are curious about how we can improve our hygiene and planet, then we’re here to provide you with the best solutions we can provide for you and your family.

How Your Toothbrush Impacts The World

As more people understand climate change, that can sometimes inspire our children to take commemorative action towards a healthier world. The systemic problems surrounding our world’s infrastructure have created vast impacts on the environment in numerous ways. When it comes to plastic, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss containers are often thrown out, leading to that plastic to waste away in landfills that cannot properly decay and degrade those materials. Plastic remains one of the largest problems we have today because it causes:

  • Chemicals: Many of the chemicals added to plastics to maintain their structure often result in drastic harm to our bodies, the ground, and wildlife.
  • Environment: Our environment often gets harms from the results of manufacturing plastics, especially when considering the effects of fracking, pollution,
  • Animals: Many marine animal wildlife ingests plastic, often leading to plastic particles being improperly digested in their stomachs and often becomes unfortunate victims of plastic waste.
  • Immortality: Often, most of our plastics today are non-recyclable, and many recyclable plastics aren’t always recycled, leading to disastrous effects on our environment.

Plastics, however, make up our morning and night, beginning with our toothbrushes. As more inventions are made to accommodate the massive scale problems associated with plastics, developing better tools to make our lives better alongside the environments is a daunting but positive task that can only truly be accomplished one action at a time.

How To Reduce Your Environment Impact

One of the greatest ways to make more sustainable choices for your oral routine is to choose biodegradable and compostable toothbrushes. Bamboo toothbrushes, for instance, offer the same toothbrushing capabilities while also being sustainable for the environment. Other forms of dental products, such as toothpaste tablets and recyclable floss containers, can be an excellent way to transform your oral routine into a sustainable one. Among choosing the best products, another thing your can do is limit your water usage. People waste about four gallons a day using water alone to brush their teeth, and by limiting your water usage, you can help save gallons of water from being wasted. Overall, when it comes to the environment, making sustainable choices matters even while brushing your teeth.

Dr. Maherin Momin

Dr. Momin is a proud alumna of the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, where she graduated summa cum laude in her class. Dr. Momin strives to provide her patients with excellent care and ensure patients are fully educated about their dental conditions and needs, so they can make the informed decision that is best for them. Despite her stellar academic record, Dr. Momin is also part of the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, and Greater Houston Dental Society.


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