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Discover Dental Whitening Options

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Discover Dental Whitening Options At Safari Family Dental

Teeth whitening has become one of America’s most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in a very short time period. There are countless options for at-home whitening sitting on your pharmacy shelves. These products touch on every part of the dental hygiene routine, from toothpaste to mouthwash, but there’s only so much they can do. When you’re struggling with severe dental staining or are looking for help deciding which whitening option is right for you, reach out to Safari Family Dental.

Whitening Options That Are Available Through Our Office

Our patients are often surprised that multiple whitening options exist and that some are only appropriate for certain types of staining. While mild dental staining can often respond well to over-the-counter options, more severe types require a more advanced option. There are two types of dental staining:

  • Surface Staining – This form of staining is typically yellow in color and spreads out over the entire tooth. This type of staining generally occurs with food substances such as wine, coffee, or berries. It can also appear as the result of smoking.
  • Inner Staining – This type of staining exists within the tooth itself and tends to be dark and localized in appearance. Some medications can cause this kind of staining, but so can decay that’s affected dentin. One less common source of inner, or intrinsic, staining is over fluoridation.

These two types of stains each require a different approach to resolve. While mild surface staining can often be addressed by-products from your dental aisle, deeper stains and intrinsic stains both have to be addressed with professional help. When you come into our office, we’ll assess any visible staining and provide options for professional whitening services.

The most common whitening option is performed in our office and involves the use of a whitening tray that is placed on your teeth. This tray contains a high-power peroxide solution and will be assisted with the use of a whitening lamp that will make it more effective. This style of whitening can change the whiteness of your teeth by two or three shades.

In some cases, this form of whitening may not be appropriate, such as with patients who are experiencing dental sensitivity. In these cases, a less concentrated version of a professional whitening tray will be sent home with you with precise instructions on how to use it.

Are You Ready For The Whitest Smile Of Your Life?

Safari Family Dental loves providing our patients with opportunities to look their absolute best. Whitening is just one way we help them reach this goal. It’s important to be careful with dental whitening when using over-the-counter products. While these products are not as strong as our in-office options, they can still cause problems if not used correctly. The most common consequence of dental whitening is dental sensitivity, but this typically passes a few days after the treatment has been completed. Discover whether dental whitening with Safari Family Dental will get you the bright smile you’ve always dreamed of! Call for an appointment today.

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